Bad ice Cream 6

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63 vote, 4.5 / 5
Bad ice Cream 6 It is one of our practical skill games that came out as Bad ice Cream 6. You will participate in the fun world of freezes in our very entertaining and episodic game. To begin, you will first create a new record. Then the screen where the parts are found will come against you. From here you have to choose the first section that is not locked. You will try to sum up the frozen fruit you have checked. When you collect all the fruits in the segments, you will be eligible to pass the next split. All you need to do is to control your freeze with the arrow keys of the keyboard and collect the fruits. If the fruit is behind the ice, you should use the space key to break the ice. As you progress through the chapters, you will see that the number of other freezes that try to block you increases. Let's see if you can finish all the parts.