Dead Zed 3

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Dead Zed 3 It was a very ordinary day, Dead Zed 3 not foreshadowing anything bad. In the evening everything froze in complete numbness, but after that there was such an unremarkable night. The next morning, not all the inhabitants of our planet woke up in their beds, most of the population suddenly died. None of the terrorist coalitions took responsibility for the mass deaths of the population, government officials also disowned their participation in the use of biological weapons - so the reason was not established, and after that it became not until the circumstances of this incident were clarified, because the Dead Zed 3 again rebelled, The truth is not so nice inhabitants of the town, as they were before, but hungry and do not know the pain of zombies! You, as one of those who survived that night, are now facing the final battle for their own existence, so rather load up all the weapons in your arsenal and be ready to repel the attack-kill all those who step over the invisible line of your private property!