Parking Fury 2

Parking Fury 2 PLAY GAME
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Parking Fury 2 Vehicle to avoid damage to any block multiplication and try to complete each level by getting the highest score. Vale and carts in the Parking Fury 2. A Lisa, or spool. Please proceed with caution and do not make an accident, otherwise the machine owners. A lot of in the right places to park drive show that you are a real park champion! The sequel of the first Parking Fury 2 game and reach your goal you will have new tools to park for. Take control of the specified car and go to the parking lot, followed by the yellow arrows. Once you can get past the next car after parking. Note the serial accidents and conflicts! This game is played with arrow keys. Parking places for 2 Cars to be shown to you: the fury stations. These boys when you have developed will increase. Are you going to use any kind of tool: sport, 4 x 4, classic. All the stars in order to have your avoid them.