Wheely 9

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Wheely 9 In the Wheely 9 game, our cute red car is getting a new adventure. In this Wheely 9 game you will have an adventurous experience with aliens visiting the world. Complete all the parts by helping the red car. Part 9 of the most popular red car game is released. Do not miss this game. Previous versions were very much liked and played very much. This time with the more advanced version you have. After the game is loaded, click on the "Play" buttons that are immediately next to each other. Our game is played with "Mouse". After the game is open, you must click on the given setup to make it move towards the red car's lover or exit. To do this, first set the trim and then on the way to the base, uncomfortably click on the red car and make it go ahead. They should set them well, not finish before the game starts. The red car is the green car. We wish good fun ...