Potty Racers 5

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Potty Racers 5 A full range of all children Potty Racers 5 enter the game and launch yourself down the ramp! Give extra gas in the air and try to maintain the greatest possible distance. With money you can buy new "joints for your car! Here you can enjoy spectacular races in many cities of the world. You will pass through a small basket and jump from a splatter and collect lots of money and bonuses during the flight. With the success of the main land. For the points earned, you can purchase different improvements for the vehicles. Are you ready for another terrible flight? Relax in this eddiegustus toilet and walk around the world gather the missing stars. If you make any progress, you will have to upgrade your loose planes every time, so collect all the gold and fuels to continue. Type to experts: Bring Potty Racers 5 into the air to perform dangerous stunt performers.