Happy Wheels 3D

Happy Wheels 3D PLAY GAME
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Happy Wheels 3D We would like to state that it is appropriate for the children's age group we have made in the picture of the Happy Wheels 3D game because some violent events have passed through the difficult part of the game. We are sharing games with you because we think you will like the game which is designed on fun and skill. In Happy Wheels 3D, you will choose a character by choosing one of the parts you need to do, and complete the challenging quest with it. You will be successful as long as you take care of hindrances and traps. With a funny game that has a different theme, we try to help you to have fun with our players. We do not want our child actors to play the game, and the reason we make warnings is because of some violent events they will encounter in the game. In Happy Wheels 3D, you can enjoy adventure by choosing different parts and different characters. You can set the control of your characters with your arrow keys, you can jump with your space key.