Bob The Robber 3

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Bob The Robber 3 Bob The Robber 3 the Thief is back for a third version! Go to the treasure chest without getting caught! Avoid cameras and security guards. Use the left and right arrows to move and the up arrow to enter the doors. The British secret service has decided to call on Bob The Robber 3 thief for a mission of infiltration of the utmost importance. You will have to use all your skills of discretion, forcing of lock and sometimes of fight in order to recover documents ultra-confidential. Beware of security guards, alarms and surveillance cameras and do not be fooled by code-opening systems. Fly into high security buildings! In Bob the Robber 3, you have to perform daring criminal missions. Learn how to sneak behind the guards, crochet locks and open chests. Do not be spotted and keep all the loot!